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John Claridge is our big-carp expert and has a wealth of experience, catching his first 20 in 1989, first 30 in 1994 and first 40 in 1999. Since then he has targeted lakes in pursuit of 40-pounders amassing a total of 16 to date, from venues like the Yateley Car Park and North Lakes, Roach Pit, Pingewood and Road Lake. His pb common was from local venue, Farriers in 2015, and stands at 43lb 14oz with his pb mirror being Pingewood's Brute at 48lb 2oz. Most of these captures can be read about in his book, Beauties and the Beasts that was published in 2012.
Currently tackling Farriers lake and Sand & Gravel he has had two different 46 pounders in October 2016.
Throughout the winter months he changes from carp to predators and has caught pike to 26lb 8oz and will be targeting some of the Water Park's big Perch in the near-future.
John has been involved in the tackle industry for 16 years so there's not alot that he doesn't know about the tackle and bait on the market. If it's a rig you are unsure how to tye or what bait to use then feel free to ask.
Brian Duckett is our Match angler and fishes matches every week, winning and framing on a regular basis. His favourite method is pole fishing for silvers but also match and pleasure fishes on carp commercials and rivers.
Hugeley experienced he can help with all methods including all aspects of pole fishing, waggler and feeder fishing as well as new methods like the jigger.
Brian knows the match scene very well being match secretary for two angling clubs. For advice on match tackle and venues, Brian is the man to ask.
Steve Broadhurst is a director of the company. He has been in the tackle trade all his working life and can assist in all forms of fishing. A very successful match angler in his day and has just re-started match fishing again.
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