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We stock a comprehensive range of carp, coarse and pike baits in-store from the following stockists as well as particles, maggots, casters and worms.


Sticky Baits has fast become our best-selling carp bait and for that reason we stock nearly the whole range.
Krill has been a massive success locally and nationally and thus we stock everything in the range except for the base mix.
Since the launch of Manilla we have never sold so much of a single type of boilie and it has accounted for countless big carp on the Water Park. As with The Krill we stock everything except base mix.
Both boilies are available in shelf-life or frozen, 12mm, 16mm or 20mm and in 1kg or 5kg bags.
We also stock Bloodworm boilies in shelf-life and all the Fluoro hookbaits, Squid Signatures, Signatures,powdered additives and bulk liquids.

CC  Moore is a popular brand and continues to grow in-store. Both Pacific Tuna and Live System boilie ranges are stocked in 10mm(shelf-life only), 15mm and 18mm in shelflife and frozen. We also carry alot of liquids, Northern Specials and Elite pop-ups.

We have recently expanded our Mainline Baits range and now hold the majority of all the Cell and Essential Cell boilies and add-ons. We also stock loads of hookbait options, liquids, bait sprays, groundbaits, stick mixes, particles, Response boilies ( 10 & 15mm) and all the following Hi-Impact boilies in 15mm and 20mm, Salty Squid, Banoffee and Essential IB.

We stock the majority of the Dynamite range of prepared particles in jars and tins including hemp, chilli hemp, tigers, chopped tiger, maize and mixed particle.
We also have the Robin Red pellets, drilled halibuts, several groundbaits, pastes and liquids.

The 2kg bags of Sonu's groundbaits and method mixes are hugely popular and we stock no less than 14 different types. The Fin Perfect Stiki pellets are another popular product and come in 2mm Original, 2mm Banoffee and F1 in 2mm and 4mm. A large selection of Band'um Wafters as well as groundbait liquid additives and buckets of carp prepared particles are also available.

We stock the following Sensas groundbaits but are happy to order in any we don't( minimum 5 bags): Lake, Black Lake, Matchblend, River, Roach, Noire and Crazy Bait Gold.

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